AR / augmented reality

"AR is a big idea, like the smartphone."
— Tim Cook, CEO Apple
About the technology
AR is already in every cellphone

All the leading IT giants of the world are investing in the technology. Today, even the largest advertisers spend their budgets on it. AR is already in every cellphone

Advertising AR

AR Product Presentation
The opportunity to talk about your product in an interactive format. Works great with layouts of real estate objects

AR Quests, Photo Booths
Game mechanics that allow you to place AR objects in space, any scenario is possible

Product packaging using the AR technology provides consumers with both an emotional experience and useful information about the product

AR Souvenir
A familiar mug, a cup of coffee, or a magnet can turn into a digital object. Pictures on them can come to life, and any important information can be embedded in the solution

Industrial AR

AR Instructions
Digital instructions for the assembly and maintenance of equipment with a system of tips for employees, to-do-lists, quality control 

AR Navigation
Displays optimal routes. In the case of warehouses, provides control over the completion of orders

Remote Assistant
The ability to "see" with the eyes of a factory worker from anywhere, advising them with the help of your voice and graphical interfaces (remote advisor's marks on the screen are displayed in the worker's AR glasses)

AR Possibilities

Physical object tracking
A virtual object "binds" to a real object
Demonstration of real dimensions of AR objects
Great for furniture manufacturers
Interaction with virtual objects
Virtual object can be moved, rotated, scaled
Support of any graphical interfaces
With the ability to navigate to web pages

Devices we work with

Microsoft Hololens
RealWear HMT-1
Smartphones, tablets

Completed projects

AR for customer service
Thanks to the solution, a STAN service engineer can always be in touch with the factories that purchased their equipment.

  • Audio/Video stream
  • Task setting
  • Drawing in AR mode
  • Operator can share the screen
  • Report generation after the session
  • Requests history

AR Navigation
Convenient navigation system for the Rosatom Technical Academy. Students from different regions of Russia and from abroad easily navigate around the building. In addition, they receive notifications about classes and news.

  • Route building
  • Schedule display and updates
  • Notifications about schedule changes
  • Messaging
  • Technical Academy News Feed

After pointing their cellphone at the products of the dairy brand Chaban, the user will see an interactive book with recipes. Each recipe involves the use of the brand's products.

  • Recipes in augmented reality
  • Recipes can be saved to your phone
  • Recipes can be shared in augmented reality
  • Video recipes
Formika Lab works with both virtual and augmented reality. We are happy to answer all your questions or demonstrate the solutions in action.

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