Augmented Reality

Product packaging is becoming digital thanks to augmented reality. You are no longer limited by the size of a package. You can embed videos and web links into the packaging, and the images on it can come to life.

Possible mechanics

Live Design
Animation can be tied to individual packaging elements. It's possible to include characters

Instructions, Recipes
Useful information in an interactive format – instructions for medicine or recipes  

Game mechanics with a variety of scenarios are possible. Works especially well for children's products

Social Network
The application can generate photos, and allows you to share them on social media

AR Content Management
The main advantage of our solution is that you can add content to the application without the participation of its developer. A simple and user-friendly interface will help you to this

How it works

Example – cookbook for the dairy brand Chaban
Download the app
After opening the application, point the device at a package
Turn the logo on the package into an AR marker. The camera recognizes it.
In place of the logo, you will see an animated cookbook of recipes in AR
You can now scroll through the cookbook on the device screen
The book contains a table of contents with recipes, allowing the user to quickly "flip" the book to the page with a brief description of the recipe of interest.
Recipes in detail
The user can go to a page with a text description of the recipe. The recipe can be saved and shared on social media.
There are also videos for the recipes
Add new recipes by yourself. No need for the app developer involvement
You can add new pages to the AR book yourself. To do this, you need to upload photos and text to the content management interface.

Рецепты в дополненной реальности
Кулинарная книга «Чабан»
Chaban cookbook
Unique recipes in Augmented Reality
Formika Lab works with both augmented and virtual reality. Feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions or demonstrate the solutions in action.
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