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Surfaces around us are becoming more interactive – from walls to floors and tables. Today, no exhibition booth, showroom, or modern office can exist without the interactive element.

Completed projects

Expo 2020, Dubai
Volumetric Installation
The installation Universe of Opportunities was created for the Russian pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai. It is represented by the companies of the Russian USM Holdings: Metalloinvest, Udokan Copper, Megafon, Group, CRPT, X–Holding.

The art object is dedicated to the idea of limitless opportunities open to everyone in the modern world thanks to the development of technology. The installation was created using Volumetric LED – 60,000 diodes located on strings create 3D sculptures that tell the history of the evolution of mankind.

INNOPROM 2021, Yekaterinburg
Interactive cube
Sverdlovsk region is the host region of INNOPROM. In addition, it is also one of the organizers of the event. For this reason, it is also one of the largest booths – more than 1000 sq.m. large.

We created two interactive zones for the project:
  • An interactive 3x3 meter LED cube changed when users interacted with its touch panel.
  • A wall with generative content – AI "fantasized" on the topic of such Ural stones as malachite and agate, creating amazing visuals based on their patterns. In addition, the content in this zone reacted to the movements of visitors with the help of installed sensors

INNOPROM 2021, Yekaterinburg
LED Rotonda
Gazprombank presented its key industrial assets at INNOPROM. To adequately represent each of the brands, we created LED Rotonda – an LED-screens structure 8 meters tall:

  • the content was clearly visible on the upper outer radius, attracting the attention of visitors from afar
  • the content also worked on the foundations of the rotunda – it was going up and down, creating an unusual effect that worked perfectly with industrial themes
  • the content showed inside the booth in the lounge area – for this, we used the inner radius

INNOPROM 2021, Big Industrial Week, Tashkent
16 LED Screens
In this project, we used 16 LED screens. All the main surfaces of the booth – walls, floor, ceiling – became digital. Thanks to this, the booth could transform its entire design to match one of the each of the USM Holdings companies – Megafon, Metalloinvest, X–Holding.

One point of attraction was the 3-meter LED letter U – the symbol of the holding, which unites all exhibited companies.

Product launch
Launch of PHILIPS S9000 PRESTIGE razors
The S9000 Prestige razor belongs to the premium category: it is one of the most expensive and technologically advanced ones in its line. Therefore, when launching this product onto the market, we decided to pay special attention to demonstrating its capabilities.

Before the start of sales, a touch panel was installed in the Philips showroom in Moscow, where all the advantages of the S9000 Prestige were presented using interactive content.

INNOPROM 2018 Opening Ceremony
Music and technology
"A functioning enterprise is like a well-coordinated orchestra". This was the foundational idea of the show. The music was written by a famous composer and pianist Misha Mishenko. The content shown on LED screens immersed viewers in the key topic at INNOPROM – the digitalization of industrial production.

INNOPROM 2016 Opening Ceremony
FANUC Robot Dance
Traditionally, the opening ceremony of INNOPROM begins with a large-scale show created at the intersection of technology and contemporary art.

For the opening of INNOPROM-2016, our team taught robots to dance. We programmed FANUC robots to mimic the movements of professional dancers. A stunning video sequence and proper lighting enhanced the effect. Thus, we showed that man and machine in the modern world are a wonderful tandem made to achieve impressive results.

EXPO 2017, Astana
Interactive tunnel for Uralchem and Uralkali
Energy Portal takes its visitors into a mine, to a depth of 450 m. Here, the energy of the earth's depths is transformed into the energy of the future. Future Energy was both the theme of EXPO 2017 and the idea for the installation.

The inner surface of the tunnel is a single LED screen with an area of 55 sq.m. The space contains two interactive ZOOM IN zones: when a visitor sets their foot there, they launch a video sequence.

Eastern Economic Forum 2017
Monitoring center Kolmar
The company's production facilities located in the Asian part of Russia are presented on an interactive 3D map. A touch-screen console allows one to manage video content.

The installation combines the digital world and physical objects. A transshipment terminal starts on the screen and transforms into a real loading crane installed in the booth.

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