VR / virtual reality
Virtual and augmented reality are often confused with each other. Unlike augmented reality, virtual reality is about 100% immersion in the digital world. This is the maximum possible degree of immersiveness. 

Effective VR examples

Virtual Simulator
A great way to train staff. It allows you to go through scenarios otherwise impossible to recreate – emergencies, for example. It is especially effective when there are hundreds or thousands of employees. 

Virtual Showroom
Great for automotive and construction companies. You can recreate a real estate object that has not yet been built or showcase a car that is currently unavailable.

Product Demonstration
Show all the nuances of a product in an interactive format. It works well if the product is extremely complex or difficult to move, or large. 

Virtual Tour
Visit any place without going anywhere. Or go to a place where access is usually limited. 

Performance, Game
In VR, any creative idea is possible. Engage your audience to communicate with the brand, and give them an incredible, and emotional experience.

VR Possibilities

Physically move around the virtual space
Feel the real dimensions of objects
Interact with virtual objects
Transform the space or objects in it using interfaces
For example, color, configuration and more

Devices we work with

HTC Vive Pro
Oculus Quest 2

Completed projects

Attilan VR platform for Motorica
Attilan enables radical changes in the approach to rehabilitation of people after the installation of prosthetic arms. Thanks to VR, the process turns from a boring routine into an exciting game – users go to the space station.

Car Configurator
VR showroom allows you to choose the needed car modifications – from its color to configuration. Doors, trunk, glove compartment, steering wheel and other elements are interactive.

Virtual tour of Uralchem
This is an opportunity to visit the company's enterprises. An accurate visualization of a real industrial facility.
Virtual Simulator
An immersive way of training for your employees. For example, if training is required to work with expensive equipment or to practice personnel actions in an emergency scenario – fire or explosion.
Formika Lab works with both virtual and augmented reality. We are happy to answer all your questions or demonstrate the solutions in action.

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